Friday, May 28, 2010

Group Shot Progress

Here are some characters from the Fred the Frog series. Obviously this is a WIP because poor Clover has to HANDS.
I wanted to start introducing more of my characters to get interest into the comic I'll eventually make. I wanted to try making the group shots fun, so I am trying to group characters randomly. However, the idea of putting them all in one picture has crossed my mind so I might just do that instead. I wonder if I could make it into some sort of wall paper too. Hmmm!

Chris, the childhood friend. Albino crocodile.
Jet, the cool dorm roomie. River otter.
Clover, the college girlfriend. Chipmunk.

I hope Clover doesn't look too much like Sally Acorn. I tried to fix that. Her hair is dyed green... I'm wondering if this should be some sort of gag, like she tried to dye it a color and it ended up green and she liked it, or she's just that funky. I tried different colors for her hair, and liked green the best. Maybe I ought to try blue too? Or maybe several color schemes. But I really like her peachy fur.

For anyone who doesn't remember, Chris was once a CHAMELEON who was RED. I changed it, mostly because he often got mistaken for a rhino. And he did look kind of like Clam from Lazlo. I tried playing with several animal ideas, but honestly kept coming back to the albino crocodile, so, croc he is, and croc he will stay.