Thursday, May 1, 2008

Claire E. Cheese

Its a known fact; once I get into something, like a television show, or a movie deep enough, I end up creating a fan character for it. Last year I created a little white mouse, who I created to be the little sister of Chuck E. Cheese. I affectionately call her Claire Elaine Cheese.

So, why post a blog entry about her? What makes Claire so special? Well, its not so much why she was created, but the progress in her character that makes it so fun. She's grown a lot in just a few months! I thought I would post her evolution though illustrations...

This is a bit sexy...! Claire's gone through a lot since I drew this... (For example, I draw her with bigger feet...!)

These sketches were the first of the teenager mouse, back in 2007.

Claire, if I recall correctly, was inspired by a song that Chuck E. sung during the summer, but I'm not sure if this is entirely correct anymore. At any rate, the lyrics made me think of Chuck E. spending the summer with a sibling, so, thats how she popped up. Dani might correct me on it though. C:

I'll be posting another entry with Claire's visual developments, in the meantime, enjoy these little jewels.

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