Thursday, June 18, 2009

A cute little beagle girl by the name of Penny for my friend. I inked it, but didn't like the result. I'll probably try drawing her on paper. :>

Character designs for some of my older characters (they were originally created back in Middle School; Kathy in High School). Chris, Fred's best friend, Frank, Fred's other best friend, and Kathy, Chris' girlfriend from college.

Chris was actually the second or third male character I've created, I think. He was first inspired by the Sonic character, Espio the Chameleon. I don't have any real good pictures of him from back then, but he was red. When my friend Kyle and I met, he helped me by redesigning Chris.

And then I kind of stopped liking the whole chameleon thing. So, I went back and forth, trying to deciede what he should be. It was a choice between chameleon, chicken, or crocodile.

Croc won, mostly by default.

Chris' personality changes throughout the story; for the most of his life, he's a bit shy, and socially awkard and hides himself in books - books that inspire him to start writing himself. In high school, he's so good at writing, he's accepted to a fancy school out of state, and wins scholarships to go.

This is when things turn upside down with his friendship with Fred.

Frank is Fred's other best friend, who was the "new kid" in the Middle School years. He's a gamer, and like any real panda, he's a bit lazy. His father owns a business (not sure what kind), and expects his son to follow him. Frank, having no real ambitions otherwise, does what his father wants of him, not only to please him, but because he likes to avoid disappointing people (mostly cause they'll keep complaining until he does something about it). If you look past his usualy lazy manner, you'll find that he's a hard worker and a great business man like his father.

Kathy has no real story behind her for now, except that she's dating Chris. She's based off a friend I met during school, and I loved her characteristics so much that I wanted to make a character like her. So, there she is.

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