Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here are 3 out of 4 panels I did for a quick comic for a friend which turned into practice for making nice comics. I really enjoy making comics, but always feel that I rush through them when I make them; this was practice to see if I could make a comic without rushing. By the third panel I think I was getting tired... it looks a bit more sloppy then the other two - thats when I took a quick break. I added the text and word bubbles in photoshop a bit afterwards just because that can be the worse part of the process - so many layers can get a bit of an annoyance.

These panels just go UP to DOWN, and they're already in order. I guess they could go LEFT to RIGHT, but I always liked the latter better. I don't know why.

Consquently, this makes me wonder how I should be doing comics layouts... layouts are always the worse for me! Does the fancier layouts, that have all sorts of crazy sizes for panels help tell the story better? Or are simple six panel boxes better? What do you think?

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