Friday, January 20, 2012

Creating The Lost Girl

I meant to post this last October, as I worked very hard on this project and was happy to be able to finally present a piece of my own at my community college, so sorry for the wait. I did post the final image on my deviantart page, but I wasn't very clear what it was for.

The piece was created for the "Dia de Muertos" show. For those who don't know, it is widely known as a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1 - 2, to remember beloved ones who passed away with altars. The yellow flowers in this mix piece were to resemble marygolds, used in tradition to honor the dead.

I didn't put a real description around the little girl, allowing those who passed it to interpret at their own will. However, the little girl's conception was in honor for my own lost sister, who died at birth. She would have been ten years old last year; because there was no real images of her, I allowed myself the liberty imagine how she may have looked.

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